I am a psychologist and author practicing in Vancouver, Canada. This site provides information about my books, presentations, online courses, and consulting work.

FREE Discussion Sessions for Clinicians for 2024

May 23. Assertiveness Training in Psychotherapy.
An hour's peer discussion on strategies for introducing communication skills training within the context of ongoing psychotherapy. More information HERE.

May 30. Launchpad Parenting. An hour's peer discussion about helping parents who are helping to assist a young adult struggling with autonomy and independence. More information HERE.

May 23. Do No Harm. An hour's peer discussion considering the ways in which mental health information and services can inadvertently produce harm rather than benefit. More information HERE.

NEW On-Demand Course

Assertiveness Training in Clinical Practice
. Originally a live-online program, this workshop is now available as an 8-CE-hour on-demand program at psychologysalon.teachable.com. Direct link here.

The Assertiveness Workbook Book Club

A free video accompaniment for readers of The Assertiveness Workbook. There's a short video for every chapter, including additional content, examples, and exercise practice tips. You can access this program here.


I've published five books on psychological topics. Click HERE to go to my Books page.

OR click on the title below for information about a specific book:

The Assertiveness Workbook 2nd Edition

How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use

How to be Miserable in Your Twenties

Private Practice Made Simple

Your Depression Map


For much of my career I've provided training programs for professionals and talks for the general public. Click HERE to learn more.

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Calendar of upcoming presentations, including online.

Professional programs, including descriptions of the workshops I offer.

Public programs, outlining the types of talks, keynotes, and corporate events I can provide.

Hosting information on how to arrange for a program for your own group, team, company, or health region.


Learn at your own pace from your home or office - even at the gym. My education site offers a wide variety of programs on topics related to therapy practice and self-care. Most courses for professionals offer CE credits upon completion.

Each program has a preview video you can watch before purchase to see if it's right for you - and all programs have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Managers and education coordinators can also pre-purchase discounted spaces in bulk for their staff. Contact me for details.

Click HERE to visit the education site, or go to psychologysalon.teachable.com.


I provide consulting services for mental health professionals and for organizations.

For clinicians I offer consultation on private practice management and development, career diversification, and writing.

For organizations I provide services including stress management, employee wellness, and diversity awareness. I have also consulted on mental health policy and program design.

Click HERE to learn more. (This link will take you to the Changeways Clinic site.)


I provide consultation and content for a variety of print, broadcast, and online media, including podcasts, and am available for comment on mental health topics including communication skills, mood and anxiety disorders, mental health service delivery and policy, and more.

Past contributions have included The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Globe and Mail, OprahDaily.com, Vice, Psychology Today, and many others.

Click HERE to learn more, or contact me to inquire.


My YouTube channel, PsychologySalon, provides regular releases of new videos on various psychological topics, ranging from depression to communication to mental health policy.

Click HERE to go directly to the channel, and once there click SUBSCRIBE to have updates delivered to your "suggested videos" feed on YouTube.


My clinical activities are offered through Changeways Clinic in Vancouver.

Click HERE to learn more. (This link will take you to the Changeways Clinic site.)


This is where you can learn a bit more about my background and CV, as well as find contact information.

Click HERE to learn more.
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My online CE courses for professionals (including Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders, How to Treat Failure to Launch, Goal Setting That Works, and Group Therapy for Depression) and for the public (including The Parent Trap, UnDoing Depression, and How to Buy Happiness) are available on my teaching platform, psychologysalon.teachable.com.

Here is a brief preview video on the new edition of The Assertiveness Workbook:
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