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I offer talks and workshops for organizations and the public on a variety of psychological topics. Whether it's a speaker for a fundraiser, a keynote for a conference, a trainer for a corporate wellness retreat, a weekend intensive, or a guest presenter for a seminar series, I may have something that would match your requirements.

The list below is not exhaustive; it is just a sample of the programs I have offered. Contact me to initiate a discussion about the type of presentation you might like.

Sample topics

How to be Miserable: Strategies You Already Use. Based on my book of the same name, this talk (or short workshop) invites participants to consider what they might do if their goal was to feel worse rather than better - a journey that incorporates current research on both depression and happiness.

How to Buy Happiness. It's a cliche to say that happiness cannot be purchased, but spending can easily make us miserable. This talk points out ways of altering our spending priorities with the goal of genuine life satisfaction in mind.

StressLess. Stress is a normal part of human existence, but left unchecked it can become disabling. This talk discusses the nature and physiology of the stress response, plus strategies to reduce its impact. Suitable as a talk or up to a full-day workshop.

Out of the Blue: Understanding Depression. Depression is, by some estimates, the leading cause of disability in Canada, but public understanding of it is beset with myths and misunderstandings. This talk reviews the actual nature of depression and provides insights into management and self-care. Suitable as a talk or a full-day workshop.

OverLoad: Unpacking the Overstuffed Life. Ask almost anyone how they're doing and they will say "Too busy." How do we make our lives more difficult than we want them to be - and how can we streamline so that we are less overwhelmed without giving up on aspects of life that we enjoy?

The Four Pillars of Happiness. The field of positive psychology has made genuine gains over the past 20 years, revealing some remarkably potent strategies for enhancing life satisfaction. This talk selects some of the most powerful techniques and offers concrete recommendations that participants can practice at home.

Achieving Your Vision. We are unlikely to arrive at our destination unless we know what it is. But how do you create a life vision, and what elements are important? This talk reviews both the envisioning process and the week-to-week goal-setting that can get us there. Suitable for a talk or up to a full-day workshop.

Slippage: The Gap Between Perception and Reality. Cognitive therapists examine the subtle distortions that get in the way of a balanced perception of the world outside. This talk entertainingly reveals some of the ways that human psychology contributes to a misperception of the world, from visual illusions to the Monty Hall Problem to predictive heuristics.

Asserting Yourself: Strategies for Clear Communication. Based on The Assertiveness Workbook, this presentation (suitable for various durations) considers the differences between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication, the barriers that prevent us from being more assertive, and strategies to enhance assertive (and non-obnoxious) clarity in our own lives.

Sexual Orientation 101. With components matched to the needs and interests of the group in question (potentially including marriage, coming out, antidiscrimination legislation, rights history, terminology, and more), this set of topics discusses the nature of sexual orientation and the gay experience. Past audiences have included LGBTQ populations, religious groups, corporate diversity initiatives, foster parents, educators, and physicians.

To learn about specific programs, click on the topic below:

All presentations are prepared or adjusted to suit the needs of the participants. Here is a sample listing of the programs available (click on each for further information).


for For the past 25 years I have provided a variety of training programs for mental health professionals, and talks and workshops for the general public.

There are many presentations available, and talks on specific topics can be developed by arrangement. Every presentation is tailored and adjusted to the needs of the group.

For Professionals

Talks, keynotes, seminars, and multi-day workshops on topics including the treatment of depression, exposure therapy for anxiety disorders, process issues in psychotherapy, private practice management, sexual orientation issues in healthcare, communication skills training, and more. Click here to learn more.

For the Public and for Corporate Clients

Talks and workshops on psychologically based topics including How to be Miserable, positive psychology, the nature of depression, how to become more assertive, LGBTQ issues, cognitive therapy, and more.

Information for Sponsors/Hosts

To discuss availability or arrange a presentation, please email me.

Upcoming Calendar of Events

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To learn about specific programs, click on the topic below:

Want a talk tailored to your own group’s needs?
Email me and we can discuss your requirements. If I am unable to help, I can often direct you to someone who would make an excellent speaker for your group.


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