Slippage: The Gap Between Perception and Reality

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Has anyone ever told you that you don’t live in the real world? They were right: you don’t. Neither do they.

We live our lives believing that what we see is real - but it has been filtered three times - by our sensory apparatus, by the deployment of our attention, and by our interpretation of our perceptions. And it has been changed each time.

This talk incorporates visual illusions, Monty Hall, the power of symbolism, and beyond-awareness cognitive processing into a coherent, entertaining package.

Using the principles of cognitive therapy, we investigate just how we manage to get the world so very, very wrong. Then we consider what to do about it.

If desired, participants can receive slide handouts with self-guided practice exercises.

Formats: Available in 60, 90-, and 120-minute versions, as well as half-day and full-day workshops. Shorter versions can give a thought provoking overview, whereas longer versions can give deeper understanding of this involving topic, plus opportunities for self-exploration. These presentations work best with visuals, so there is normally a screen with presenter’s laptop and host’s (or presenter’s) projector.


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