Talks on Sexuality and Diversity

Talks on Sexuality and Diversity
For over 20 years I have offered talks on a wide variety of topics related to human sexuality, sexual orientation, and diversity training.

These talks have been provided to healthcare practitioners, psychological conferences, high school student groups, religious organizations, foster parent groups, university groups, and organizational settings.

The aims of these programs have been as varied as the groups to which they have been provided. Sometimes the goal has been to overcome negative or rejecting organizational climates. Sometimes the point has been to enhance outreach to LGBT client groups. Sometimes there has been a desire to learn about certain aspects of sexual orientation.

Talks have ranged from 60-minute introductions to day-long intensives, with groups ranging from 5 to over 200 participants.

The style is open and welcoming, and strives to be free of stultifying earnestness. Sexuality is a topic that can - and perhaps should - be approached with an open mind, a reluctance to take offence, and a sense of humour.

Here are some examples of talks and topics available. Longer presentations can include a selection of topics and issues tailored to the needs of the group. Titles and content can be altered at need. Please consider this list as only a set of suggestions; your group may have specific topics in mind that could well form the basis of a presentation.

Sexual Orientation 101. An introduction to human sexual orientation and its diversity. Topics vary depending on the group and goals, but typically include the the nature of sexual orientation and gender identity, the Kinsey Scale, the process of self-identification, terminology, coming out, and core issues in creating welcoming environments.

Equal but not Equivalent: Same Sex Versus Opposite Sex Relationships. Recent years have seen significant strides in the provision of equal footing for same-sex relationships, and an increased awareness of the many similarities between same- and opposite-sex relationships. Yet there are a few differences, too. This talk considers some unique aspects of same-sex relationships that may not occur to those who have never been in one.

How Change Happens: The History of Gay Rights in Canada. The years from 1965 to the present have seen remarkable change in the way LGBT populations have been treated in Canada. This talk reviews the most significant legislative and legal changes, how they came about, and implications for understanding the process of social change.

Sexual Orientation Issues in Healthcare (or: in Education, or: in Counselling). This longer workshop considers the primary issues in providing appropriate care and service to LGBT populations. Included are discussions of common problems, unintended rejection, and ways of resolving difficulties or organizational issues to provide a more welcoming environment.

Serving the LGBT Market. A flexible employee-training program for business to familiarize staff with LGBT issues, avoid pitfalls, understand the use of language to welcome or alienate, and identify strategies to ensure that LGBT customers receive a positive impression of the business.

Questions Healthcare Workers Ask About Sexual Orientation. For many years I have invited workshop attendees to submit questions anonymously on paper if they wish. These question cards have been kept and form the basis of an entertaining, educational, and sometimes very funny program in which misconceptions are dispelled, assumptions are revealed, and missteps are avoided.

Formats: Available in 60-, 90-, and 120-minute versions, as well as half-day and full-day workshops. Shorter versions are best when focussed on specific issues; longer versions can have multiple sections covering diverse topics. If desired, participants can receive handout packages with slide material. These presentations work best with visuals, so there is normally a screen with presenter’s laptop and host’s (or presenter’s) projector.


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