Asserting Yourself Strategies for Clear Communication

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Almost anyone can benefit from learning about assertive communication and practicing the skills in an enjoyable, supportive setting.

My book on the subject, The Assertiveness Workbook, has been one of the top sellers in the field for over 15 years.

This presentation, available in varying lengths, offers members of the general public the opportunity to discover their own reflexive patterns of aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive, and assertive styles of communication, and then provides specific guidelines for practicing more assertive behaviour.

Where possible, I strive to make the format very interactive and participatory (the more so the longer the session), with attendees practicing each of the skills in turn.

Topics covered include: Barriers that prevent us from being assertive, nonverbal behaviour, offering one’s opinion, giving and receiving positive and negative feedback, saying ‘no,’ making requests, and managing conflict.

Participants can, if desired, be supplied with a copy of The Assertiveness Workbook (Paterson, New Harbinger Publications, 2000). If preferred, participants can receive an information package with a slide handouts and a series of instructional documents and worksheets.

Formats: Available in 90- and 120-minute versions, as well as half-day and full-day workshops. Shorter versions can give a thought provoking overview, whereas longer versions can give deeper understanding and an opportunity to practice the skills involved. These presentations work best with visuals, so there is normally a screen with presenter’s laptop and host’s (or presenter’s) projector. Half-day and longer programs are best offered in quite large spaces with room for participants to move around the room.


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