Professional Webinars

I have been providing Continuing Education programs for mental health professionals on a wide variety of topics for over 25 years. To this ongoing work I have added the convenience of online webinars - live presentations that you can access from your own desk.


September-October 2017

Private Practice Made Simple: Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business

6 Tuesdays, 1.5 hours per session.

How much of your professional training was dedicated to the management of a private practice. If you are like most clinicians, the answer is “none.” It’s no surprise, then, that so many of us approach the business world with a deep sense of trepidation. I certainly did - and I made dozens of mistakes that slowed things down and caused me to miss out on opportunities. I wished that someone would teach me what I really needed to know - the actual nuts and bolts of running a practice, not just an inspirational pep talk. Eventually I wrote
Private Practice Made Simple (New Harbinger Publications) to systematize what I had learned and what others in the area kept asking me.
Now I’m offering an online program to help those contemplating a practice and those already in the trenches. Designed specifically for a Canadian audience, this course includes specifics and insights particular to the Canadian market, taxation, and healthcare system. Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Designing Your Business. Dispelling the fantasies. Defining your service. Naming your practice. Creating a business plan. Can you afford to do this?
Week 2: The Money Side. The critical distinction between revenue and income. Taxes and business licenses. Registering the business. Working with an accountant. Incorporation or not?
Week 3: Creating Your Space. Choosing a location. Home offices and turnkeys. Evaluating potential space. Leases and zoning. Soundproofing how-to’s. Furnishing the space.
Week 4: Service Promotion. Low-cost logos and layouts. Developing your website. Adwords and Analytics. Identifying referral sources. Practice announcements and more.
Week 5: Colleagues, Assistants, & Income. When to expand. Partnership vs proprietorship. Do you need an assistant? Client information systems. Setting up payroll. Selling your practice.
Week 6: Sustainability for the Long Haul. Rejigging your task balance. Imposing work/home boundaries. Make routine things routine. Taking time away. Avoiding burnout in 12 hard steps.

You’ll get the chance to ask questions, make comments, and contribute to the discussion. You’ll receive a pdf of the presentation slides, and a pdf workbook to help you apply the ideas to your own situation. You can also access recordings of any sessions you miss.

For more information: This program will be sponsored by a major Canadian CE provider. When it is available for purchase from their website, a link will be posted here.