Private Practice Made Simple:
Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business



Therapists routinely say it. “No one ever taught me how to run a practice.” Few clinicians receive any training in operating a therapy practice. Fortunately, effective strategies are available, understandable, and relatively easy to implement. It helps, however, if we do not spend the first few years of practice discovering them for ourselves. This fast-paced full-day program is designed to help.

We were taught assessment strategy, how to do therapy, when to refer - but not how to perform many of the central activities involved in running a therapy practice. So we stumble through, gradually picking up ideas and skills as we go along, and about the time we’re thinking about retirement we begin to think we understand. But running a practice is not rocket science. Many of the most basic skills can be communicated relatively easily. This wide-ranging workshop covers a variety of strategies to make running a practice more effective, more efficient, and more fun.

Program contents

Private Practice Made Simple is an irreverent guide to the pitfalls and opportunities of private work, and provides dozens of tips on topics including:

  • Finding, renting, and furnishing space
  • Naming your practice
  • Defining the scope of your work
  • Getting referrals
  • Creating a website
  • Managing confidential client information
  • Handling clinic finances
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Creating a professional atmosphere
  • Scheduling and conducting assessments
  • Developing routines for the session, day, week, and year
  • Avoiding burnout

The program is designed to be of interest not only to those contemplating or starting out in private practice, but also those wishing to “fine-tune” their existing practices. Participants receive complete slide notes. Earlier versions of this program have been offered as preconvention workshops for the Canadian Psychological Association (Halifax 2008, Montreal 2009, Toronto 2011, Ottawa 2015).

Many of the ideas in this program are also presented in the book Private Practice Made Simple (New Harbinger Publications, 2011).

Participants receive an extensive set of slide notes on the presentation.

Feedback on this program

“Great presenter! Great slideshow! All the info was very practical.”
“Thanks! This workshop is very worthwhile given that most of us actually do end up in private practice at one point or another!”
“We never receive any info on private practice in grad school. He was a great presenter.”
“Great energy and pace.”
“Very enjoyable and very informative - thank you.”
“The presentation was lively and engaging. Good info on a wide variety of issues.”
“Practical, common-sense, logical advice and tips. Good role modelling.”