Presentations for the Public


I provide talks, keynotes, workshops, and training for the general public. These have been given at corporate events, conferences, libraries, and community organizations.

For a partial listing of my upcoming presentations, see my

To discuss availability or arrange a presentation, please
email me.

There are many presentations available, and talks on specific topics can be developed by arrangement. EVERY presentation is tailored and adjusted to the needs of the group.

To learn about specific programs, click on the topic below:

How to be Miserable: Strategies You Already Use
(Based on my new book, How to be Miserable)

How to Buy Happiness

StressLess: Stress Management in the Real World

Out of the Blue: Understanding Depression
(and related talks on mood disorders)

OverLoad: Strategies for the Overpacked Life

The Pillars of Happiness

Achieving Your Vision
(and related talks on envisioning and goal-setting)

Toxic Optimism: Why Positive Thinking may be Bad for You

Slippage: The Gap Between Perception and Reality
(talks on cognitive therapy)

Asserting Yourself: Strategies for Clear Communication
(based on my book The Assertiveness Workbook)

Sexual Orientation 101
(and other talks on human sexuality and diversity training)

Want a talk tailored to your own group’s needs?
Email me and we can discuss your requirements. If I am unable to help, I can often direct you to someone who would make an excellent speaker for your group.