How to Buy Happiness
Leverage Your Personal Finances for Maximum Life Satisfaction

Think you can't buy happiness? Nonsense!

If we can create misery by mismanaging money (and we all know that we can), then you can certainly enhance your life satisfaction by using money to create a better life for yourself.

Learn how temptation and impulse often lead us astray, and how to use your own life history as a guide for the future. Implement concrete strategies to get out of debt, grow your disposable income, and create a cushion of life-enhancing savings. Then use these to make purchases that really count toward the enhancement of your mood and your life.

Whatever your income level, you can create change that reduces your stress level, gives you more breathing room, and transports you toward your highest aspirations.

In order to buy happiness, though, you actually have to BUY HAPPINESS. You can't just spend a lot of money and expect to get happiness as a bonus, like a toy at the bottom of a cereal box.

Join us on this journey and you will comb through your expenses, your bills, your debts, and your own past to develop a personalized plan for a better life. Along the way you'll work through a series of exercises in the accompanying 60-page workbook (included with the course).

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So get out your financial records, sharpen up your pencil, and let's get started!

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You'll get a series of over 25 short videos, 5 to 15 minutes long, plus a 60-page downloadable PDF exercise book to help you apply the ideas in your own life.

The Lectures

Want a bit more indication of what’s in the course? Here are the lecture titles:

Section 1: Happiness swings both ways
  • Can money really buy happiness?
  • The nature of happiness: A behavioural control system
  • The relationship between income and life satisfaction
  • Can money buy misery? Yes!

Section 2: Purchasing the future: Why do we buy?
  • The onward arrow: Every purchase is instrumental
  • You’ve been conducting happiness experiments all your life
  • Planning the future by mining the past

Section 3: The price of slavery
  • Your balance of assets and liabilities
  • Taking a look at your ballast: Debt and unhappiness
  • Swimming into the light: A path out of debt

Section 4: A dose of reality: Income versus DISPOSABLE income
  • Andre takes a hit: Income versus disposable income
  • Your turn: Calculating your own disposable income
  • Pricing your purchases in work hours

Section 5: How to give yourself a raise
  • Andre doubles his disposable income
  • Finding the Easter eggs: Increasing your OWN disposable income

Section 6: How to change your life
  • Finding north: Defining your Ultimate Goals
  • SMART Immediate Goals: The steps on the path

Section 7: Buying happiness without buying anything
  • Your single biggest happiness purchase
  • Pay yourself first: Budgets do not work!
  • Freedom can be bought

Section 8: Buying happiness with real money
  • Spend the most on things you hate
  • Luxury at last

Section 9: Non material purchases: How to spend money with no object
  • Savings: How to build up a happiness-inducing nestegg
  • Experiences versus objects: Why events induce more happiness than things
  • Voluntary tax: The charitable sector as a source of your own happiness
  • Buying personal enhancements: The value of skill-building

Section 10: Check, please!
  • Your five year plan
  • Live the life you envision