Diagnosing Depression and Related Mood Disorders
Learn to recognize and understand symptoms of mood problems in light of the latest diagnostic criteria.

This course is designed for counsellors and allied healthcare professionals.

This course for professionals provides guidance on the DSM-5 diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymia, Bipolar Disorder, and related disorders.

We consider the formal diagnostic criteria and how these often present in the clinical setting - including ways of making the often-difficult call between clinical and subclinical intensity. We also consider related issues including:

  • the utility of formal diagnosis
  • the problem of overpathologization in mental health
  • the controversial deletion of the bereavement exclusion from the depression criteria
  • the question of fad diagnosis.

The course provides over two and a half hours of instruction spread over 17 brief lectures. Included are extensive visual components - illustrations, text slides, and brief actor simulations.

The course covers much the same territory as our “What Is Depression?” course for the public, but with the emphasis on the clinician’s side and on technique.

Accompanying the course is a 30-page set of notes and references. Note: This course is not a substitute for owning a copy of DSM-5 - rather it is designed to be a useful illustrative companion.

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