The Assertiveness Workbook: Downloadables

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The Assertiveness Workbook: How to express your ideas and stand up for yourself at work and in relationships, 2nd Edition
Randy Paterson, Ph.D.

The Assertiveness Workbook is intended to help readers become better communicators. In addition, some therapists use The Assertiveness Workbook in their work with clients.

On this page we post documents that may enhance the usefulness of the book for the general reader and for clinicians. They are available to anyone, whether or not a copy of the book has been purchased.

Assertiveness Scorecards (pdf). Key to the entire process of reforming your communication style, these scorecards help identify situations where you could be more assertive. Print one copy of the instruction page and multiple copies of the form page.

Communication Styles (pdf). A table from the book (chapter 2) comparing the four basic styles of communication.

DESO Scripts Form (pdf). A form to help with the creation of a DESO script for making requests, as covered in chapter 15.

Exercise Sheets

Here we provide copies of some of the practice exercises from the book. Print these to work with friends or in group settings to practice assertive communication.

Nonverbal Rehearsal Exercise (pdf). From chapter 8, a set of scenarios for use in practicing the elements of assertive nonverbal behavior.

Issues List Exercise (pdf). From chapter 9, a list of controversial topics for use in practicing the delivery of one's opinion.

Positive Feedback Exercise (pdf). From chapter 10 and 11, a list of scripted and unscripted comments for practice giving and receiving positive feedback.

Critic's List Exercise (pdf). From chapter 12, a set of suggested topics for practice giving and responding to criticism.

Request List Exercise (pdf). From chapter 14, a list of potential requests that a person might make or receive - largely intended for practicing the assertive 'no.'

Group Therapy

What if you want to run an assertiveness training group using The Assertiveness Workbook as your text? How would you cover the material? Here are 2 sheets showing how the topics could be distributed across sessions.

Group Therapy Format - 8 Sessions (pdf). A recommended breakdown of content for group therapy programs 8 sessions in length.

Group Therapy Format - 10 Sessions (pdf). A recommended breakdown of content for group therapy programs 8 sessions in length.