The Assertiveness Workbook: Table of Contents

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In Part One, On the Launchpad, the nature of assertiveness is discussed. We consider assertiveness as a life stance inviting everyone to be fully present. The four primary communication styles are reviewed.

Part Two, Leaping the Barriers to Assertiveness, considers the factors holding people back from using the assertive style more often. Strategies for overcoming each of the barriers are given.

Part The, Becoming Assertive, presents the strategies to use assertive communication in a variety of different situations, from offering an opinion to saying no to making requests.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Introduction: Being there

Part One: On the Launchpad
Chapter 1. Being There
Chapter 2. The Four Communication Styles
Chapter 3. Ten Principles of Assertiveness

Part Two: Leaping the Barriers to Assertiveness
Chapter 4. Overcoming the Stress Barrier
Chapter 5. Overcoming the Social Barrier
Chapter 6. Overcoming the Belief Barrier
Chapter 7. The Assertive Mindset

Part Three: Becoming Assertive
Chapter 8. Becoming Visible: Nonverbal Behavior
Chapter 9. Being Present: Giving Your Opinion
Chapter 10. How to Accept a Gift: Receiving Positive Feedback
Chapter 11. Giving Helpful Positive Feedback
Chapter 12. Taking the Heat: Receiving Negative Feedback
Chapter 13. Constructive, Not Critical: Giving Corrective Feedback
Chapter 14. Defending Your boundaries: The Assertive 'No'
Chapter 15. Making Requests Without Controlling Others
Chapter 16. Countdown to Confrontation
Chapter 17. Constructive Confrontation

Postscript: Being You