Your Depression Map: Table Of Contents

Your Depression Map:
Find the source of your depression and chart your own recovery
Randy Paterson, Ph.D.

Your Depression Map is divided into two main sections

In Part One, Finding the Path, the nature of depression is discussed. Readers are invited to consider their Your depression mapown mood difficulties in terms of a) their symptoms, and b) the risk factors that seem to have been operating in their own case. This section concludes with a questionnaire designed to help the reader identify the areas to target most strongly with their coping strategies.

Part Two, The Journey, presents the strategies themselves. Each general area is broken down into a series of up to 13 specific strategies. Readers are encouraged not to try them all, but to prioritize based on the specifics of their own life and their own mood problem. Part Two concludes with a chapter on preventing relapse.

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Part One: Finding the path
Chapter 1. Journeys: The experience of depression
Chapter 2. The mythology of depression: Eleven ideas that can prevent you from getting well
Chapter 3. The floating diamond and the depression map
Chapter 4. Taking stock: The symptom census
Chapter 5. The origins of your depression
Chapter 6. The betrayal of the body: Physiological causes of depression
Chapter 7. You in the world: Your life as a cause of depression
Chapter 8. Charting your course: Choosing your path out of depression

Part Two: The journey
Chapter 9. Getting ahead by giving up: Goal-setting strategies to create change
Chapter 10. Hiring help: Who to consult, and why
Chapter 11. The role of psychotherapy
Chapter 12. The behavioral realm: Building a sustaining lifestyle
Chapter 13. The physical realm: Medication and more
Chapter 14. Rebuilding the world inside: Working with depressive thinking
Chapter 15. The river: Living with emotion
Chapter 16. The situational realm: Living a life that works
Chapter 17. The social realm: Building and maintaining your social network
Chapter 18. The meaning of life
Chapter 19. The road ahead: Preventing future difficulties