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Welcome. I am a psychologist and author practicing in Vancouver, Canada. This site provides information about my books, presentations, online courses, and consulting work.

My clinical activities are offered through Changeways Clinic in Vancouver. For information about this aspect of my practice, please visit www.changeways.com. As for the rest, please consult the pages below:

Books. Information about How to be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use; The Assertiveness Workbook; Private Practice Made Simple; and Your Depression Map. In March 2020 my latest book, How to be Miserable in Your Twenties, will be released by New Harbinger Publications.

Presentations. Talks, keynotes, and workshops for mental health professionals and for the general public.

Online Courses. Learn at your own pace from your own home or office. Courses for professionals and the public. CE credits available.

Consulting. One-to-one coaching for professionals, and consulting services for organizations on topics including diversity awareness, stress management, and employee wellness.

Media Work. Consultation and content for print, broadcast, and online media, including CBC Radio, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, The Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, Psychology Today, and others.

Calendar. Schedule of upcoming travel and appearances.

Video Blog. Weekly video release through YouTube's How to be Miserable page. Click SUBSCRIBE at the YouTube page or beneath any video to receive updates in your "suggested videos" YouTube feed.

About Me. Contact information and CV.
changeways clinic
Just call or contact us to find out more. We can be reached by email at clientservices@changeways.com

Here’s YouTube star CGP Grey’s take on How to be Miserable:

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My books are available for purchase from bookstores, amazon.ca, amazon.com, indigo, and Barnes and Noble.

The online courses including UnDoing Depression, Failure to Launch, and How to Buy Happiness are available on our teaching platform, psychologysalon.teachable.com.


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